Thursday, April 10, 2008

Free Simple Trees :D

if you guys need a simple 2D painted tree / shrubs / rocks for your 2D/isometric game,
last time we painted some for another project, but it turns out we probably never gonna use it.

All trees is separate by layers & have it's own masking/transparency so it's pretty easy to drag & drop to other image :P

not many of them and it's quite simplified style, but hopefully someone can put it to use,
feel free to use it anywhere you like:

just a quick doodle using the trees (so we don't have to repaint each tree every time :D ):

so in case you need it, here is the PSD file (zipped),
(it's a 2048 x 802 PSD file, quite big for a tree :P, 2 MB zipped file),




Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Poppin Prototype 02

Another updates for Poppin Prototype,
thanks for the help from Unity staff (Sams & Aras),
all the bugs from last week prototype (Prototype 01) are fixed (hopefully).

This is how far we are right now with Prototype 02,
this time it's playable, with a simple score display using DebugConsole (thanks to jeremyace from Unity Community for his handy script, it's very useful), so far 20610 is our highest score, try to beat the score if you can :P

still have many things to do, here is our future TO DO LIST:

- Adding Bug Bonus & Bug Special to restore Destroyed Block
- Adding Animation for Poppin + All Bug
- Change the Yoyo Design (right now it looks too simple when the yoyo rotates)
- Adding Day/Night cycle for the background
- Adding Particle Effect
- Adding Music & Sound FX
- Adding Menu/Welcome Screen
- Adding Game Over Screen

I guess we will take it slow from now, since mostly it's gonna be scripting work (except for animation & some graphical change :P).

also we are open for contract work if you / your company need help with any art assets (from 2D concept to 3d). here is our short info (click for bigger image):

thanks a lot for reading, please stay tuned for more updates from us :D

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Poppin 3D and FIRST Prototype !!

Time for update...

sorry for the lack of update in the past 2 weeks, we've been very busy with another project, and whenever we have spare time we spent it on learning Unity engine tutorial (which... for a bunch of artists like us, is quite a challenging task, good thing that one of our member knows javascript a little bit :P)

Today updates probably going to be the last art updates from us, since all of the art assets are pretty much done.

This week we also get a help from a fantastic composer, Nino Rajacic, who will help us for doing the background music and all the special fx sound. Please visit his site to check out more of his awesome works:

ok, now without further ado, here is Poppin :

also one more background art, a night time in the village :

and also our first prototype..
you will need Unity Web Player to be able to see it (this is basically "Not Playable" yet, so don't expect too much when you see it :P),
we just want to show you how far we're right now with the game prototype itself:
(btw this doesn't work on some PC, the creature seems melting, no background etc...., but works ok in Mac, we're not sure why ????)

click on the image to run the first prototype:

that's all for today, please stay tuned for more updates, we're having fun making this project.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Final Background & early Poppin 3D model

Here's some updates from us in the weekend :D
Finally the background is done, also we got some time to work on Poppin's model,
right now she doesn't have the texture yet, only flat color for now, we plan to finish it next week :P

Early Poppin 3D model (flat color)

Final Background

also we got some feedback on the grammar mistakes on the title, so we fix it too, good thing we have everything on a separate layer :P (thanks to everyone who letting us know about this)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Last Creature - Special Bug

Ok, here is the last creature that will become Poppin's enemy, but at the same time it will also give her some kind of special power :P

Special Creature

also a little bit of change on the title, we want to make it cuter :P